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10 Reasons Why You Should Meet Russian Girls

1. They always take care of their looks

Russian girls take very good care of their looks. For them, it’s a lifestyle. Their moms scold them if they don’t wear high heels. Besides, Russian girls are almost always beautiful.

2. They will always feed you

If you come to see a Russian girl, she will always offer you something to eat. Even if you aren’t hungry, or dropped in for just five minutes.


3. They love having fun

A Russian girl is the best companion for a party. Having fun and enjoying the life is a part of their culture.


4. They never come with empty hands

If you invite a Russian girl over for dinner, she will bring a lot with her. She will even call you and ask what exactly she needs to fetch. If you say that you don’t need anything, she will bring something anyway – a cake, alcohol, or a gift. Isn’t that great?


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5. They are friendly

Some men think that Russian girls are cold-hearted and evil-minded, but they aren’t. It’s just not the done thing for them to smile at strangers. So, don’t take it personally. As soon as you get to know them better, you’ll understand how sweet and nice Russian girls are.


6. They are honest

You won’t have to guess what a Russian girl thinks about you, she will let you know it herself. If she likes you, you will understand it. You won’t have to read between lines.


7. They are educated

Most Russian women have a rich inner world and, unlike many others, they are well-educated. Many of them can speak several languages.


8. They prefer family over career

Russian women hold traditional views of men's and women's roles in the family. In Russia, a man is the breadwinner who earns the family's living and provides a decent life, and a woman is considered as a homemaker and mother.


9. They are patient

In Russia, women don’t hurry to divorce, instead they use all possible chances to save their marriage and to continue the relationship with their chosen man.


10. They are romantic

Of course at the acquaintance stage a Russian girl will pay attention to your financial situation, but anyway she will be choosing you but not your money. The wealth of your soul is more important than the amount of money in your bank account.





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